1st Annual Los Angeles Filipino Martial Arts Friendship Tournament

1st Annual Los Angeles Filipino Martial Arts Friendship Tournament

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The 1st Annual Los Angeles Filipino Martial Arts Friendship Tournament is a martial arts tournament brought to us by FilAm Arts as part of their 26th Annual Fiesta of Philippine Arts & Culture ( #FPAC26 ).

The tournament will take place outdoors on October 14, 2017 at Echo Park Lake in the city of Los Angeles, CA.


Traditional & Non-traditional forms.
Live stick and padded stick sparring
3-Man Team Fight.

No gender categories. WEKAF rules apply.

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Los Angeles Doce Pares Demonstration at the Greek Theater

Eskrima at the Greek

On 10/23/16, Los Angeles Doce Pares had the honor of demonstrating the Doce Pares Multi-Style system of Eskrima at the Filipino American History Month show (featuring Gary V) at the world famous Greek Theater.

Thank You’s

We thank Guro Jon Palos for helping make this performance come into fruition, Frontier Communications, PCA Ad Agency, Mr. Allen Palos – Project Manager for the ABS-CBN Corporation and Mr. Joel Jacinto – appointee of Mayor Eric Garcetti and the first Filipino-American Commissioner for the City of L.A. Department of Public Works and give a big pat on the back to our volunteer demo team members below for a job well done!

Ms. Ann Duong
Ms. Jade Mosqueda
Ms. Jereah Mosqueda
Ms. Ruth Arcilla
Mr. Flobert Rosario
Mr. Dexter Tidalgo
Mr. Brian Lin
Mr. Jacob Mosqueda
Mr. Johnrei Mosqueda
Mr. Eustace Martinez
Mr. Ephrem Martinez
Guro Anthony Castro
Guro Manuel Paglinawan
Guro Anthony Partible
Guro Mel Dimacali

Los Angeles Doce Pares Demonstration Greek Theater

Los Angeles Doce Pares and Youth n Motion Tournament

Los Angeles Doce Pares and Youth n Motion Tournament

To kick-off our 12th year anniversary and celebrate by giving back to our home city of Los Angeles we’ve accepted to partner up with Youth-N-Motion Academy and volunteered to host the weapons division of their LOS ANGELES CLASSIC MARTIAL ARTS CHAMPIONSHIP!

Proceeds from this event will go to benefit at-risk youth through Youth-N-Motion’s after school academic and martial arts programs.

Los Angeles Doce Pares and Youth n Motion tournament

See you in the ring!

A Message from Master Erwin

A Message from Master Erwin - 11th Annual Los Angeles Doce Pares Eskrima Anniversary

Greetings of peace to all Eskrimadors!

Before this gets too long for anyone to read please allow me to express how grateful, honored and humbled I am to be able to lead and represent the Doce Pares “Multi-Style” System of Eskrima Los Angeles chapter for 11 years. I dedicate all glory and honor to God and thank Supreme Grandmaster Dionisio “Diony” Canete, ODL (Order of Datu Lapu-Lapu) for giving me the skill, knowledge and opportunity to be able to do so.

Congratulations to all who have successfully tested for their intended ranks during our Belt Grade Promotion Testing held this 24th of October, 2015. I am proud to be witness to the fruits of your hard work and determination. But your practice and training need not stop there.

A warm welcome to all our new members, expect great things in store for your traditional Filipino martial arts training. We are all very happy to be a vessel towards your learning of the Doce Pares “Multi-Style” System of Eskrima curriculum.

I also would like to thank:

  • – Grandmaster Demosthenes “Neon” Arcilla for being our guest of honor and world headquarters representative.
  • – Master Leonilo “Nilo” Baron of Filipino Martial Arts Academy (FMAA) for making the time to come and celebrate with us at our anniversary together with members of his family.
  • – Master Gary Gabisan for his support and being an inspiring force for our members to emulate. Welcome back to Los Angeles!
  • – Guro Tim Piering for being a loyal proponent and upstanding senior member of LADP from its beginnings and up to now.
  • – our Black Belts Guro Anthony Castro, Guro Manuel Paglinawan, Guro Esteban Estrada, Guro Andy Leeka, Guro Hubbard Tabay, Guro Cyrus Lutero, Guro Jeremy Cardenas, Guro Jon Palos and Guro Epifanio Fernandez (of Doce Pares “Multi-Style” West Covina) for your dedication and assistance throughout our anniversary celebration. All your hard work has not gone unnoticed.
  • – Members Ephrem Martinez and Ruth Arcilla for hosting this year’s celebration and doing most of the planning and preparation all attendees have so enjoyed.
  • – our anniversary celebration guests: Master Winston Canete, Master Wendell Canete, Master Eva Canete-Rubia and Guro Jojo Baron.

And finally, a big congratulations and well wishes of prosperity & good health to our newlywed members, Mr. Anthony Partible & Mrs. Sarah Satumba-Partible as they expect to welcome their bundle of joy in the coming months.

Here’s to looking forward to year 12 and many more to come.


Master Erwin Mosqueda
Founder, Chief Instructor

Belt grade promotion October 24, Saturday

Los Angeles Doce Pares - October Belt Grade Promotion

It is a glorious month ahead, Eskrimador!

Get chummy with your favorite warm and fuzzy Eskrima training buddy and find time within the next three weeks to squeeze in some much needed practice hours in order to review and be up to speed with your part of our “multi-style” curriculum for this coming

Belt grade promotion testing on October 24, Saturday

happening 8 am at our

Griffith Park training area: 3224 Riverside Drive, Los Angeles CA 90027

Please confirm your intent to be tested directly with Master Erwin* in order to be informed of your proper scope of curriculum for review and appropriate testing fees.

*- All pertinent information regarding announcements, fees associated and venue for belt grade promotion testing shall and will come only and directly from Master Erwin. Deem all information from sources not mentioned here as unofficial.

Happy Birthday Master Erwin!

Happy Birthday Master Erwin!

On February 7th, Los Angeles Doce Pares held a birthday brunch in honor of Master Erwin Mosqueda.

Guro Tim Piering

Veteran United States Marine Corps (USMC) company commander, former Vice President of Engineering at Parsons Corporation and Los Angeles Doce Pares 2nd Degree Black Belt Guro Tim Piering offered his time during Master Erwin’s birthday brunch to say a few words on how he started with and had gotten to know Master Erwin Mosqueda and Doce Pares Eskrima.

Grandmaster Nicomedes Elizar

Birthday greetings from Grandmaster Nicomedes Elizar (founder and chief instructor of World Nickelstick Balintawak Eskrima Club) for Master Erwin Mosqueda

Jaleel White

Mr. Jaleel White has a message for Master Erwin Mosqueda and Los Angeles Doce Pares!

Danny “Machete” Trejo

Mr. Danny Trejo is a friend of authentic traditional Filipino martial arts.

Gunsta Apparel

FYI – Gunsta Apparel designed our demonstration team t-shirts. Check them out at http://www.thegunsta.com.ph/
Happy Birthday Master Erwin - Gunsta Apparel

Thanks to Coral Reef Chinese Restaurant, and special thanks to Leelin Bakery & Cafe.

Happy 82nd Anniversary Doce Pares World HQ

Happy 82nd Anniversary Doce Pares

Today we celebrate the glorious legacy of our world headquarters that has continued to inspire us, and share an unbounded optimism in our continued impact and relevance in the preservation and learning of authentic traditional Filipino martial arts worldwide!

Happy 82nd anniversary to our Doce Pares “Multi-Style” System of Eskrima world headquarters!

Happy 82nd anniversary Doce Pares

Seasons Greetings, Eskrimador!

Seasons Greetings Eskrimador - Los Angeles Doce Pares

Seasons Greetings, Eskrimador!

As this month rolls into the holiday season and we begin another year of “Multi-Style” System of Eskrima training, I would like to convey my most sincere gratitude to all who have supported Los Angeles Doce Pares for 2014.

It has been a good year for us owing much to the dedication of Senior instructors Guro Gary Gabisan, Guro Timothy Piering, Guro Andy Leeka and our newly promoted 1st degree Black Belt students as they have surpassed the rigorous testing of the World Headquarters in Cebu City, Philippines in order to be dully certified and recognized for their proficiency of Doce Pares “Multi-Style System” of Eskrima training curriculum.

Daghang Salamat

And on behalf of our Los Angeles Doce Pares senior instructors and newly promoted Black Belt students, we thank:

  • Grandmaster Arnulfo “Dong” Cuesta and Grandmaster Steve Wolk of Philippine Integrated Martial Arts (PIMA) for their continuing support and recognition. http://eskrimador.org/
  • Master Nilo Baron and senior instructors of Filipino Martial Arts Academy (FMAA) for another successful “River City Rumble” tournament; in which Team LADP garnered the 3rd overall champion award. http://www.fmaadocepares.com/
  • Master Mike McKenzie and senior instructors of “Sacramento Yaw-Yan Ardigma/Doce Pares” for inviting us to witness their grand opening day. https://www.facebook.com/yawyanardigmasacramento
  • Sharon and Philip Oshiro, Celina Duffy, David Polcyn, Ben Aranda of The Rotary Club of Historic Filipino Town and the rest of the organizers of “A Fighting Chance” charity seminar allowing us to showcase our Filipino martial arts offering in Southern California for the benefit of those affected by typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. https://www.facebook.com/rchifn
  • The San Carlos City Association of Los Angeles headed by Mr. Daniel Salvador for inviting us to perform a Filipino martial arts demonstration during their 22nd Anniversary Fiesta. http://www.sancarloscity.org
  • Guro Anthony and wife Jane Castro for always being our most gracious hosts in our events. Ephrem Martinez and Ruth Arcilla for always making sure our events are prepared as planned.
  • Mel “the Marksman” Dimacali for the diligent coordination and scheduling of LADP events and activities.

LADP Tenth Year Anniversary

2014 also marks our tenth year anniversary; we could not have achieved this milestone without the wisdom and guidance of Supreme Grandmaster Dionisio “Diony” Canete, ODL (Order of Datu Lapu-Lapu) and the support of the world headquarters officers headed by Masters Percival Pableo and Gerald Canete.

Here’s to more years of propagating the learning and preservation of authentic traditional Filipino martial arts in Los Angeles!


Master Erwin Mosqueda
Founder, Chief Instructor

Exclusive GM Val Eskrima Seminar & LADP 10th Year Anniversary Celebration

Eskrimador, we have come a long way!

October 25 marks our 10th year anniversary. You guys know what that means, right?

It’s time for karaoke!

Be sure to mark your calendars for Saturday, October 25 as we have these two events pegged in:


GrandMaster Val Pableo Eskrima Seminar

[Photo by http://www.JonPalos.com]


Grandmaster Percival “GM Val” Pableo of the Doce Pares Multi-Style System of Eskrima World Headquarters will be coming over States side from the Philippines to conduct Eskrima seminars throughout cities in the West Coast.

Master Erwin has invited GM Val to conduct an advanced techniques seminar the morning of October 25 at our Griffith Park training area

  • – 3224 Riverside Drive, Los Angeles CA 90027.

This event will be exclusive to Los Angeles Doce Pares members, open to all levels.

LA Doce Pares 10th Anniversary


Our 10th anniversary party will be held at the Castro residence on the same day, starts 6 pm onwards

  • – 2633 East Harrison Street, Long Beach CA 90810.

Bring a big appetite and your singing A game. You can also dance but just not like when no one’s watching.

Master Erwin requests the attendance of all active and inactive members.

LADP Black Belt Tour 2014: Congratulations Eskrimadors!

LADP Black Belt Tour 2014: Congratulations Eskrimadors!

LADP Black Belt Tour 2014 was a success!

Master Erwin Mosqueda, LADP Senior Instructor Guro Gary Gabisan and all Eskrimadors who attended the 2014 Los Angeles Doce Pares Black Belt Tour would like to convey their gratitude to Supreme Grandmaster Dionisio “Diony” Cañete, ODL (Order of Datu Lapu-Lapu) for gracing us with his presence, guiding the Grandmasters and Masters heading our training and seeing through all the aspects of the LADP Black Belt Tour from beginning to end with wisdomful guidance.

We also thank Grandmaster Percival “GM Val” Pableo, Master Gerald Cañete and Master Gerardo Rusiana for their brotherly hospitality, overseeing the pre-test training, testing and awarding ceremonies.

And a shout out to Ms. Mariz Avila and “driver Mike” for making sure all LADP accommodation, nourishment and training equipment needs were attended to.

Daghang salamat, see you all at the next Los Angeles Doce Pares Black Belt Tour and Mabuhay!

Take a look at photos from the Black Belt Tour