Los Angeles Doce Pares Demonstration at the Greek Theater

Eskrima at the Greek

On 10/23/16, Los Angeles Doce Pares had the honor of demonstrating the Doce Pares Multi-Style system of Eskrima at the Filipino American History Month show (featuring Gary V) at the world famous Greek Theater.

Thank You’s

We thank Guro Jon Palos for helping make this performance come into fruition, Frontier Communications, PCA Ad Agency, Mr. Allen Palos – Project Manager for the ABS-CBN Corporation and Mr. Joel Jacinto – appointee of Mayor Eric Garcetti and the first Filipino-American Commissioner for the City of L.A. Department of Public Works and give a big pat on the back to our volunteer demo team members below for a job well done!

Ms. Ann Duong
Ms. Jade Mosqueda
Ms. Jereah Mosqueda
Ms. Ruth Arcilla
Mr. Flobert Rosario
Mr. Dexter Tidalgo
Mr. Brian Lin
Mr. Jacob Mosqueda
Mr. Johnrei Mosqueda
Mr. Eustace Martinez
Mr. Ephrem Martinez
Guro Anthony Castro
Guro Manuel Paglinawan
Guro Anthony Partible
Guro Mel Dimacali

Los Angeles Doce Pares Demonstration Greek Theater