Belt grade promotion October 24, Saturday

Los Angeles Doce Pares - October Belt Grade Promotion

It is a glorious month ahead, Eskrimador!

Get chummy with your favorite warm and fuzzy Eskrima training buddy and find time within the next three weeks to squeeze in some much needed practice hours in order to review and be up to speed with your part of our “multi-style” curriculum for this coming

Belt grade promotion testing on October 24, Saturday

happening 8 am at our

Griffith Park training area: 3224 Riverside Drive, Los Angeles CA 90027

Please confirm your intent to be tested directly with Master Erwin* in order to be informed of your proper scope of curriculum for review and appropriate testing fees.

*- All pertinent information regarding announcements, fees associated and venue for belt grade promotion testing shall and will come only and directly from Master Erwin. Deem all information from sources not mentioned here as unofficial.